Black Corduroy Flat Bill Rope Cap

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A corduroy black flat-bill that is the perfect mix of classic and modern. This cotton twilled Richardson cap is warm, perfect for your adventures on the road or in the mountains of Red River. Not only is it warm but UPF protected keeping your face safe from the sun, and comfortable with its adjustable snapback helping this hat give you the right fit. The rope, corduroy, and flat bill elements makes this cap an eye-catching part of your vacation wardrobe keeping you stylish, safe, and warm. 

  • %100 cotton
  • adjustable snap back
  • one size fits most

The Flat Bill/ Brimmed Baseball Hat: Claimed to have originated from Oakland and California. A statement piece style that appeared during the 90s. Counter culture youth would bend the brims of their hats flat, and some preferred the bills this way as it provided more coverage from the sun.