About Us

About Red River Brewing Company & Distillery

Glen Calhoun moved his family to Red River in 1960 because he saw something special about this town and these mountains. He believed in a bright future for Red River and he worked hard to make that happen. He simply loved Red River and its people. Since then, four generations of Calhouns have lived here and continue the work Glen started so many years ago.

Red River has grown and changed over the years, but some things never change - people still know Red River is a special place. Visitors still fall in love with these mountains and this community. People feel truly alive here.

It’s this strong sense of respect for the past and belief in the future of Red River that inspired us to create Red River Brewing Company & Distillery. It’s a place that is authentically Red River where families can gather to make lasting memories in this little mountain town we call home.
Whether this is your first visit to Red River or your family has been coming here for generations, we hope you love this town as much as we do.

-The Calhoun Family