Red, Orange, and Yellow Beanie

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 A stylish and cozy red, orange, and yellow pom-pom beanie that is perfect for those crisp nights in Red River. Show your support for the town of Red River NM with this sunset Shade Headwear cuffed acrylic jersey knit style beanie. A cool and sporty style hat that will be an eye-catching piece of any wardrobe.  

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Pom-Pom Style
  • Woven label
  • One size fits most

Pom-Pom: If you are wondering what the pom-pom at the top of some winter hats is for, It can be traced back to early sailors. Sailors used to wear these hats and they put these pom-poms on there, so when the sailors were out at sea and the waters were rough, they wouldn't bash their heads.